Elite Pro 8 Everett Schilling

I live in Gillette WY - population of about 30K people. My wife's name is Gaye and we have been married for 27 wonderful years. We have two sons that we are very proud of. Drew is 26, Garrett is 24.

I grew up in the Anchorage, Alaska area. I was born in Wyoming and we left when I was young so my dad could chase the Alaskan pipeline dream. We moved back to Wyoming when I was a junior in high school. My dad was like a gypsy and we moved constantly. I ended up attending 11 schools before I graduated. At the time, I found this very annoying but I developed amazing social skills. It was either that or boxing skills! I learned social skills were much more fun and it was less painful!

I hit the ground working hard right out of high school. In fact I worked full time stocking shingles on roofs and sheet rock in new construction during the day then worked full time nights at a sawmill. I did that for a few years. Then started college to become a physical therapist. Soon left school because it didn't feel right. Eventually married my sweetheart in 1988. I went back to school to become a welder and again never pulled a paycheck for welding because it felt one dimensional. I became a district manager for a trucking company for more than a decade and did very well. Thought we were set for life. But I still wasn't where I wanted to be. Early 2000’s, I was involved in starting a construction company with two other amazing partners. We were a ‘build to suit’ company and I got my first taste of ‘mail box money’. But as much as my mind was growing in the business world – it still didn't feel right. At one point this company had over 200 employees.

In 2010, I was introduced to what would be my first network marketing experience. I was not very responsive to the concept. The person that brought this idea to me was someone I met in high school in 1978 and I had only known for about 4 months. We had just moved to Wyoming from Alaska . I left at semester to go back to Alaska and didn’t seen her again. Her name is Marilyn Johnson. She contacted me through a private face book message. This path took months for me to see the vision. Eventually my wife and I joined in November 2010 and did nothing till January 2011. Marilyn got Clinton Boyles to come to Gillette on a promise that I would have 50 people in the room. I had no one in the room when he arrived and he had just driven over 500 miles. He set with us for 3 hours and then put Marcell Niederhauser on the phone. After that we were all in. By the next February we were Pro 7’s. The one thing this business taught me was you have to fail to succeed and educate yourself with what you are looking for. We have this in this company and it comes in the form of Premier School’s, Elite Academy’s, and Convention’s. I finally feel like I am where I want to be

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