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was born and raised in Salt Lake City ut. Marcell and Lisa have 5 beautiful children and 4 even more beautiful grandchildren. Talisha is 28 Jadon is 24 Taylon is 21 Marli is 16 and Tyann will be 14 this year. Marcell and Lisa Started their lives in logan Utah where Marcell attended Utah State. It was while he was a student there he saw network marketing for the first time. He fell in love with the concept of residual income. He graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor degree in envorimental Engineering. he added that to his two previous degrees an associates degree with a letter of completion in arictecual drafting. And also a associates of applied science in machanical engineering drafting. While a student at Utah State he also started a Landscape Maintenance Company. After graduation and his first job in Tucson Az it didn't take him long to decide he didn't like the concept of a BOSS. He moved back to Utah and with a lot of hard work he decided to double and almost triple his landscape business. He had one of the largest businesses in the state. After several years, thanks to network Marketing he was able to sell that business and become a full time "I do what I wanter". Time and freedom and cash has become his passion and helping other families achieve these same things is what he loves to do. That was almost 12years ago. He feels his biggest accomplishment in life is being a full time fully engaged dad. And he loves to see others get the same!!!

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