Elite Pro 9 Trent Lindstrom

1- I was born and raised in Northern Utah in a small community of Syracuse. About 5,000 people in small farming community. After I was married my wife and I moved north about 30 minutes to small community of Brigham City where we currently live.

2- Married my best friends little sister at the age of 21..

3- With "Ignorance on Fire" we started our family shortly after we were married at 21 and had 5 children by the time I was 29 years old. I have 3 boys and 2 girls: Trevin (son) 11 yrs. old. Tanyon (daughter) 10 yrs. old. Trey (son) 8 yrs. old. Twins: Tustin(son) and Tess (daugther) 6 yrs. old.

4- Told my wife before we were married I was going into "Law". Didn't tell her the last part of my career choice "Enforcement". Began College at Weber State University and then went into Police Academy after I was hired as a State Trooper with the Utah Highway Patrol..

5- Pursued a career for over 10 years as a State Trooper with the Utah Highway Patrol. Worked on the SWAT Team, K-9 for 4 years and Motorsquad for another 4 years. Took a risk and invested into fitness gyms after resigning as a State Trooper. Been self employed for 5 years managing my two fitness gyms.

6- I have no experience in Network Marketing. This is my first attempt at this business. I signed up with Lifevantage in April 2011

7- The value of Network Marketing is influencing people to taking control of their own life. It teaches the mindset and skills of how to build a business and the confidence to make a change for the better. Network Marketing done right is a wonderful experience.

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